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Building your Employer Brand, with a focus on developing a unique Employer Value Proposition, enabling you to become an Employer of Choice, create a vibrant Talent Community and, ultimately, amplify your :: TALENT BRAND :: 


The use of CPC channels to advertise talent brand, talent pipeline and referrals. Cost-effective, controllable and generating advertising ROI


We will teach you how to become recruiting experts using new technology and social media channels.


Recruitment is marketing, and candidates are consumers.

Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment marketing is in a nutshell:

  • Developing an Employer Value Proposition and Employer Brand to create your companies Talent Brand.

  • Positioning your company as an Employer of Choice, by

    • Developing content to communicate your talent brand.

    • Executing a strategy to deliver that content in the correct context.

  • Creating your unique Talent Community

  • Maximising the experience of Candidates and Employees

“Recruitment has shifted from a “sales” focus to a “marketing focus” today. Companies that create a compelling, authentic employment brand, communicate their values and mission, and clearly articulate the nature of their workplace are winning out in their recruitment efforts.’

Josh Bersin


We use programmatic advertising to target your audience and save you money.

The Digital Academy’s recruitment advertising solution renders expensive job boards a thing of the past. As well as being expensive these traditional advertising channels (with their ‘post and pray’ strategy) are poorly targeted and low on quality measures. This revolution in advertising technology is called programmatic advertising and it will enable a monumental shift in the way that recruitment ads are posted and budgets spent. 

The Digital Academy is the first agency in Australia with a technology platform that gives you a ‘cost per quality applicant’ solution. Our advertising solutions have been created with the sole purpose of making social and mobile easy and effective from a brand building and sales perspective.

We create effective mobile campaigns for brands and agencies by marrying the targeting capabilities of mobile with creative brand messages and automated, programmatic technology. This is the holy grail of Recruitment Advertising – and you can only get it from us.

Recruitment advertising has three main channels that Employers of Choice need to deliver consistently:

1 Talent Brand Advertising

This is the channel for delivering and building Talent Communities, where you have people engaging with your Talent Brand.

2 Programmatic Job Advertising

This is advertising specific Jobs or Job Categories to enable a company to receive applications and fill

3 Employee and Talent Community Referrals

Using your existing employee base and Talent Communities to grow your levels of engagement and build your Talent Brand.

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“The advertising model for recruiting is on life-support and soon to expire. The recruiter as a fisherman in a boat with a baited hook over the side hoping to attract candidates is over. The new model is recruiter in scuba gear with a spear gun hunting down candidates.

That’s why in the future, recruitment marketing will be key to every organization’s process. And of course, that means more than getting the company’s name in front of people’s eyeballs. Companies are already doing that to little benefit on all the major social networks.

It means building relationships with candidates, discovering who they really are by which content you send them that they end up reading.”

Bill Kutik


We will teach you how to become recruiting  experts using new technology and your social media channels. 

The best candidates are passive ones,  they believe in your brand and what it stands for. Building a brand on line through talent communities is industry best practice.

The Digital Academy will train your team to use the most effective recruitment tools currently available. Our trainers will tailor your social recruitment strategy to match your industry.

Our bespoke turn-key 9 step program gives you the tools to to attract the right talent and maintain a pipeline of engaged and interested potential candidates who are only an email away.

We will give you all the tools you need to become expert recruiters and we will follow up to ensure your strategy has been effectively executed. There is no better way to become a Social Recruitment Expert. 

In 2015 33% of hires came through talent communities.

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‘It is often said that recruiters should be marketers, but the truth is that we’re still light years behind. We live in a world of personalised adverts delivered to individual users based on their personal browsing history, yet in recruiting we still give out awards for careers pages and newspaper ads’.

William Tincup

What works best

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