Millennial Magnet

Millennial Magnet

Millennials are now the most dominant generation in the jobs market. There’s no doubt that they have fantastic talents to bring into the workforce. But many companies are finding it a challenge to attract them, let alone keep them. Businesses have tried everything, from overblown compensation packages to free ice cream on Wednesdays. Still, millennial employees are quitting and changing jobs faster than they can replace their smart phones.

If you’re among those companies, you could be missing out on what these young professionals have to offer your team. So, what can you do? Maybe it’s time we recognise that millennials are not like their older counterparts. Maybe they’re just not into that “money is everything” mentality.

To effectively recruit millennials, we need to think like them. We need to make our organisations become more meaningful to them. And there’s only one way to do it.

Start With Why

In his famous book and TED Talk, author Simon Sinek said, “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.”

It means that, to be successful, an organisation should clearly communicate why it exists. The why should have nothing to do with making money. Rather, a company must start with its beliefs. Its purpose matters more than what products it sells.

Take the case of Apple Inc. The company has clearly defined its why, which is rooted in continuously challenging the status quo. That made Apple an innovator, not just a technology company. No wonder they can keep coming up with great products that people love.

The same principle applies to recruiting millennials. Knowing why you do business is vital in attracting this generation’s talents. Millennials are motivated by finding meaning in what they do and now their employers are going to help them reach that goal.

In a survey conducted by Claremont, a PR agency, more than 60% of the millennial respondents claim that more than the monetary compensation, they are after a company’s sense of purpose when looking for jobs. They want to work for organisations that are inspired by social purpose and not just profits.

In other words, millennial workers want to make an impact not just in their jobs but the world as a whole. The more effective you are at articulating your organisation’s social purpose and mission, the better you will be at attracting millennials.

It’s a win for everyone actually. As more companies adopt social good as part of their values, the world will become a much better place.

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