The power behind words


There was a time when recruiters simply had to post job listings and applicants began mass sending in their resumes. That’s just not the case anymore. Nowadays, candidates spend less than 10 seconds to determine if a listing is worthy of their attention. If that’s not bad enough for recruiters, almost [...]

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What works best


What Works Best What Social Channels Work Best for Your Industry? By this time, companies should already have social media presence. That’s where your audience get to know your brand better. So no matter what industry you’re in, you should at least have profiles in Facebook and LinkedIn. The more your [...]

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Learn from job rejection


Learn from job rejection 5 Lessons you should be learning after a job rejection! Receiving a job rejection can be pretty discouraging and it is very tempting to just give up and think ‘what is wrong with me?’ But you need to remember just because you didn’t land the job [...]

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Social media no-nos


Social Media No-Nos I honestly cannot believe -  - that it is 2016 and companies still just ‘dump’ their social media on the lap of an intern or just a random employee because “well you use social media don’t you…” JUST STOP!! I really cannot stress enough that social media [...]

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Modernise your strategy


Modernise Your Strategy The war for top talent is on, and one of the most compelling weapons in your recruitment arsenal is the content you create and share with prospective candidates. Driven by mobile connectivity and social media, today’s increasingly advanced digital landscape is the battleground for recruitment and talent [...]

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