Social media no-nos

Social Media No-Nos

I honestly cannot believe – 

– that it is 2016 and companies still just ‘dump’ their social media on the lap of an intern or just a random employee because “well you use social media don’t you…” JUST STOP!! I really cannot stress enough that social media should never be viewed as an after-thought. It is one of the strongest marketing tools out there at the moment so should be treated like all aspects of a business; with planning, objectives, short-term and long-term goals and of course TACTICS.

1. You do not need every.single.platform out there to be successful!

There is no ‘one size fits all’ with social media. All the platforms have different audiences which require complete different content to be posted in different ways and different times. Analysis is required to understand them so sub-par content is not posted! So pick your top 3… build them up and establish them and then move onto more platforms if you want but do not neglect the ones you have!

Ok so Instagram we will do cool pictures of the world, Facebook we will post articles about this and LinkedIn we will post articles about that. And we will have different profile pictures and imagery so we look different on each page.”

2. Be cohesive with each platform!

If you were to order some merchandise or create business cards; they wouldn’t be completely different. They would all have the logo, the brand colour and themes on them so people know that is your company. The same principles apply for social media. The pages need to be cohesive with each other- that means the imagery used, content posted and the design and layout of posts and profile pictures etc. People need to recognise your brand on your page.

‘If you went into a shop and complained about something you wouldn’t expect the manager or shop assistant to walk away. If they did you would never just think ‘Ok that’s fine I am sure they will do something about this now’.

3. Do not ignore complaints and engagement.

No matter how big or small it is, they should never be ignored. If someone has taken the time to engage in your post (even if it is in a negative way) you should still always acknowledge their comment publicly and then deal with matters via private message. Doing this sends the message that your company is a brand who listens. A brand who is transparent. And above all, a brand they can trust.

4. Do not post the same content all the time.

Would you follow and interact with a social media account if they posted the same type of image or post every single day? I definitely wouldn’t. I follow an Instagram account called ‘Australia’ and if they just posted a different picture of the Sydney Opera House or the Harbour Bridge every day I would unfollow and never think about it again! The same goes for articles- mix it up! Post original content, industry related news, interesting articles, company features. There is so much out there and once you understand your audience you will know what to post and what they will like.

‘At the risk of sounding like I am a school teacher or my mother, TRIPLE CHECK WHAT YOU POST.’

5. Do not post without proof reading multiple times.

Having spent a lot of time looking at hundreds of resumes I cannot tell you how frustrating it is seeing stupid mistakes and typos. You are meant to be selling yourself and all you have done now if tell me you do not really care and ultimately not completely competent. It is the same with social media. If you just have the attitude of ‘This will do’ then the audience will know that. They will know you do not care and will not follow or interact with your company pages. I know mistakes happen (I know I have made many in past posts) but try and put the time in to double and triple check before pressing SHARE.

‘Time is money and understanding platforms in key but sometimes you just simply do not have the time no matter how much you want to try and build up your talent communities! Digital Academy can help you create, manage and monitor your platforms so you can have the strong employer brand you need and want!’