Learn from job rejection

Learn from job rejection

5 Lessons you should be learning after a job rejection!

Receiving a job rejection can be pretty discouraging and it is very tempting to just give up and think ‘what is wrong with me?’ But you need to remember just because you didn’t land the job this time that you are NOT entirely unemployable. I know it is easier said than done but it is best to see it as a learning opportunity. Always ask for feedback so you know what went wrong and how you came across so you can improve these areas for next time.

If you remain positive there are some very good lessons to learn and hopefully allow you to nail the next interview and become victorious.

Do NOT give up!

Most people will face rejection at some point or another. In fact I challenge you to find one person who has never been rejected from at least one role! Not everything is meant to be so do not get yourself down if you didn’t get the role… it might be the first job you interview for. Just be persistent with your job hunt, take on feedback and your time will eventually come.

Look for the POSITIVES hidden in the NEGATIVE

Instead of moping around and getting annoyed at yourself for not getting the job, try and look for the positives and new information that has been provided to you. For example, you may have got rejected on the basis that they didn’t feel you were the ‘right culture fit’… well the interviewer may have just saved you from starting a job that just isn’t you and where you would have struggled to fit in. If you were turned away based on an interview mistake you made… at least you now know what to avoid in the next interview. As the cliché says- Every cloud has a silver liningso look for your silver lining!

Show your personality- Don’t be afraid!

A common mistake people make in interviews is just trying to demonstrate they have the right qualities for the role and company and forget to show the interviewer their personality and what they are like. Do not be afraid to be genuine and give them an idea about how you would fit in with the rest of the team. If they then decided you wouldn’t suit their company- TRUST THEIR JUDEGEMENT- you don’t want to end up in an environment that makes you unhappy.

Share information that isn’t on your resume.

Think about, if you were sent a resume you would read it before you meet the candidate so put yourself in the interviewer’s shoes. They don’t want to hear you repeat your resume word for word because they already know! They want to learn more about you and what you are capable of so ELABORATE on your achievements and experiences so they know more than what is on the page in front of them. This will show your communication style so come across professional and approachable.

Know what your strengths and weaknesses are.

When heading into an interview it is important you know exactly what your strengths are, explain them to the interviewer and how you could use them in the role. You are at the end of the day, trying to stand out against the rest. However it is also common the interviewer to quiz you about what you feel your weaknesses are; so be prepared. In past experiences candidates have fallen up at this question- you need to provide an honest answer, but then turn it into a positive. Identifying your weakness is a good thing as it demonstrates self awareness and the motivation to improve yourself.

So while it may seem that your search will never end, there are plenty of lessons to learn along the way. And in the end, when you do get the role, you’ll have an even greater appreciation for what it took to get there!

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