The power behind words

There was a time when recruiters simply had to post job listings and applicants began mass sending in their resumes. That’s just not the case anymore. Nowadays, candidates spend less than 10 seconds to determine if a listing is worthy of their attention. If that’s not bad enough for recruiters, almost 80% of emailed job postings are immediately deleted because they simply don’t have the oomph they need.

Hire Better Candidates with the Right Words

Recruiters who want to find the best talents need all the help they can get. It all starts with crafting a great job posting and knowing the right words that will attract better candidates at a faster rate.

This is where Textio comes in…and why we are telling you how great they are! It’s basically a text platform. But what sets it apart is it allows the recruiter to predict how the words in the job listings will perform before they’re even published.

For instance, did you know that using the phrase ‘proven track record’ in your job posting will attract more male candidates? If you want a better chance of engaging women candidates, use the phrase ‘passion for learning’ instead.

Textio is now being used by companies like Starbucks, Twitter, and Microsoft. With this programme, recruiters can have their very own magic word factory that pinpoints exactly which texts need to be improved. It takes guesswork out of the job description copy. As a result, recruiters have a better chance of attracting top talents.

The Power Behind the Words

Textio basically runs on:

– Statistical analysis

– Natural language processing

– Machine learning techniques

 When combined, these factors allow the programme to find patterns that make job ads more appealing to prospective applicants. By comparing those patterns with your own text, Textio will show how your listing stands against others or how you can improve it. There’s no doubt that this will change the way job ads are written. It’s the revolution we keep talking about!

With Textio helping you find the right words, you have a better chance of hiring the right candidates at a fraction of the time. Ultimately, this programme will speed up all aspects of recruitment. You might ask “Am I ready to be told my job ad only scores 20% attracts the complete wrong candidates? Probably not. But this revolution is all about disrupting the traditional recruitments. So bring on the tough love!

We think it’s the future and cannot wait to see the results for ourselves. So no more copying and tweaking old ads. Time to use Textio and increase applicants!