What works best

What Works Best

What Social Channels Work Best for Your Industry?

By this time, companies should already have social media presence. That’s where your audience get to know your brand better. So no matter what industry you’re in, you should at least have profiles in Facebook and LinkedIn. The more your audience know about you, the more you become ingrained in their consciousness and the more your employer brand is developed.

But remember, a social channel that works for one industry may not be effective in another. So here’s my rundown of social sites where you need to spend time and effort on, depending on your industry.

Entertainment and Mass Media

Recommended channels: Snapchat and other big social media sites

It’s difficult to separate these two industries. For the most part, people think of them as one—showbiz. And they need to constantly reach their target audience if they are to succeed. Or if the show must go on, so to speak.

But with the way the younger generation is consuming content nowadays, media companies need to rethink their strategies. Newer social sites are popping up and people keep changing their channels.

Right now, entertainment and media companies need to focus on Snapchat. That’s where the buzz marketing goldmine is.

Manufacturing and Engineering Businesses

Recommended channels: YouTube and LinkedIn

One would think that manufacturing and engineering industries have no need for social media because they’re mostly into B2B deals. Well, responsible manufacturers and product producers can benefit from being transparent about how they operate.

For instance, I would rather appreciate it if I knew how my shampoo is made. Or how lifts like the one in my office are installed. I’m not buying vats of shampoo anytime soon, or lifts for that matter. But knowing how they’re made just makes me feel better… and they are very therapeutic to watch!

The best way to be transparent is via videos. And YouTube is the best and the biggest channel for that right now. Manufacturers can also use LinkedIn primarily to network with other B2B companies. 

Retail and Distribution

Recommended channels: Instagram and Pinterest

The most straightforward approach to catch audience attention is by regularly showcasing the products you offer. Shots of your new scarf collection or freshly baked lemon squares will work better than text description. For this reason, image-centred social sites are the best choice.

But Facebook and Twitter also allow photos, right? Yes, but image posts on FB and Twitter compete with text contents of varying lengths. And that can be overwhelming for the eyes.

This is not an issue with Instagram and Pinterest because they only use photos with standard sizes. Meaning, your posts will have similar dimensions as those from other users. So, you somehow get a more even playing field even if you’re a small retailer.

Talent Acquisition

Recommended channels: LinkedIn and Facebook

It’s no secret that LinkedIn has become the biggest networking site for professionals and recruiters. Companies seeking talents post job openings on the site. While jobseekers look for connections to find their dream jobs. If you’re a recruiter or a hiring manager, LinkedIn is where you want to be.

Facebook is relatively new to this field but it is growing more and more each day! There is more users on Facebook than any other platform… if it was a country population it would be higher than China, so it is vital it is utilised.

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